A.I. "FAKE"_Reserved items [受注生産]

価格: 19,000yen

私は『FUCKAIJU(Toy show @香港VVC)』のためにA.I.のカスタムを製作しました。 それにたくさんの問い合わせをいただきました。 なので『簡易的なモデル』として10体限定で追加製作します。 名前は『A.I. FAKE』です。


即日出荷可能&送料無料。(Immediate shipment is available & World wide FREE shipping)




I made AI's custom for "FUCKAIJU (Toy show @ Hong Kong VVC)". I received a lot of inquiries about it. I will produce "simple model" for only 10 bodies to respond to it. The name is "A. I. FAKE".


● Shipment starts at the end of September. Free shipping world wide.

● "Sofbi made pillow header" is not included.

● Although it is a "simplified version" different from the Hong Kong specifications, except for the abdomen icon, we will paint the same procedure. Because it differs one by one, please understand.